The “Diamond Club” is a “Marist Network” formed as an adjunct of the Auckland Marist Softball Club. It has been established to provide supporting financial resources to ensure that Marist will continue to be successful.

In order for Marist to survive as a leading softball brand we need to have an ability to attract and maintain not only quality players, but sufficient player numbers to allow us to enter competitive teams in all the signature grades of competition.

The “Diamond Club” will allow Marist to implement initiatives designed to assist in the development of programmes to recruit, retain and develop players and coaches.

Funds raised will be allocated under the governance of a selected group of Club members free from conflict of interest. Members of the “Diamond Club” will be kept informed of initiatives undertaken.

Marist Softball Club played a significant part in our lives and we would encourage you to provide others the opportunity to experience the spirit of our great Club. You can do this through being a member of the “Diamond Club”.

Please download the application form here, and email it to kohlhase.eddie@gmail.com with an annual subscription of

  • Gold: $200
  • Silver: $100
  • Bronze: $50

A tax deductable receipt will be issued to you. If you require any further information about the “Diamond Club” please contact Eddie Kohlhase by email kohlhase.eddie@gmail.com

We look forward to welcoming you as a “Diamond Club” member of our Marist Softball Club.

Signed by Life Members:

John Giacon
Paul Nevin
Anita Gabriel
Ellen Kohlhase